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Hello all..
I am looking for my room mate (Girl) for collocation... Fully furnished Pavilion house (bed mattress, Washing machine, fridge, Micro owen and Kitchem stuffs) is Located In la courneuve aubervillers near Gare RER B by 5min bus bus 249 and 143 (both bus stops are infront of home) Calm & Secured...Tram 1 & Metro 7 are near by... Night bus is available as well....
Room is available, domocile will be provided for long term stay... Interested one please contact me for visit or more informations!!!
Rent -  300Euros (including water charges and House insurance, excluding electricity)
Domicile will be given, no CAF

Address   10 Avenue Waldeck Rochet, La Courneuve   
Rent Type
(Rent/Sub Rent)
Sub Rent
Share Type
(Full Flat/ Flat Sharing/Room Sharing)
Room Sharing
Flat Type
(Furnished/ Unfurnished)
Room For Single, Female
Size of Full Flat 64.7 m2
Size of Room 15 m2
Number of Person in One Room 1
Rent / Charges 300 € (300 )
Contract Unavailable
What You Get
  • A letter stating that you are living at this address
  • A copy of ID card of landlord / main tenant
  • Address proof (EDF, Landline bill, etc)
  • Name in the letterbox
  • Keys for the apartment
Additional Facility
  • Lift
  • Balcony
  • Parking

Posted By: Dharani Murugesan on 13/01/2020

Note for future tenants

Dear friends

You have come here looking for a room. Please note that in case there is no contract, you will need the following to prove your residence at various places, like while opening a bank account, applying for your navigo card, etc.

  1. A letter from the landlord / main tenant stating that you are living at this address
  2. A copy of ID card of landlord / main tenant
  3. Address proof (EDF, Landline bill, etc)

When you take a room, please be aware that it is your responsibiity to keep your room and the common area clean. Please also note that any damage done at your place of residence during your stay there will be your responsibility.

Besides, be aware that there is an one month notice period when you will be leaving your room. Check about the notice period with your landlord.

To contact the renter, you can send him / her a message using the message icon above.

Also, please note that if you have listed yourself as a room seeker, you will be informed when a new accommodation is posted.

Best regards.

PS: Even when you take a room through this website, you have to be careful and responsible when we take a place. We are not responsible in any way if something goes wrong, and hence you have to be careful as you will be anywhere else.

The difference compared to elsewhere is that you can see beforehand what you get along with the room, and compare with facilities provided by others.