Project X Start Up Pitching Contest 2018

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
Monday 26th March, 2018.

06 80 94 79 76
Embassy of India
15 rue Alfred Dehodencq
75016 - Paris
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Welcome to the Project X Start Up Pitching Contest  (the contest). We appreciate your interest in participating in this event, being hosted jointly by the Project X Group in association with the Embassy of India, France (the organisers).

Project X is a community initiative, that has been conceptualized by a group of young professionals of Indian origin based in Paris and is a collaborative effort along with the Embassy of India, Paris and select partners. As a part of this initiative,  in 2017 we organised a series of workshops and booth camps targeted at potential and budding entrepreneurs of Indian origin followed by a round table event attended by over 30 selected entrepreneurs of Indian origin.

About this Contest:
We are organising a pitching contest on Monday 26 March 2018 which is open to all student, home makers, professionals and potential entrepreneurs of Indian origin and their teams. Each pitch will last for 10 minutes maximum including Q&A. (you may choose to bring a presentation, product demo etc., but it’s not compulsory). A jury of professionals with a different background (investors, mentors, experts, professionals and Embassy officials) will rank the project and choose the best pitch. The contest winners will have the opportunity to incubate their ideas under a sponsored mentorship program for three months culminating in a Demo Day before investors. They will also have dedicated access to co-working infrastructure, master class sessions, tailored coaching and more...

Through this contest, we hope to assist & accompany individuals from the Indian diaspora, to establish their entrepreneurial ventures in Europe.

Application Process:
To participate in the contest you need to fill the enclosed application form . The application form has been structured to give you the opportunity to present your business ideas and projects that you would like to nurture. During the Pitching session on the 26 March 2018, we would like to know who you are, what drives you and your team together and understand how your solution is unique. We realise that your projects may be in the early stages and will evolve over time. So with out any worries, go ahead tell your story.  

Be concise, precise and sincere...
Wishing you all the best.

Project X Team


Note from editor: The above content is copied from the Project X page - the same link carries more information on this event. This is a start-up project of Rajeev Dhar, a senior manager working with PWC, what he is developing with support from the embassy of India. 

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