Why doing business in France, on an innovation and cultural point of view?

We are in a world in great change, with lots of international movements, on a human and material points of view. We need new ideas. To innovate, we can introduce a new way to do business, with more sense, collective intelligence and humanity. It will help simultaneously happiness, innovation and more business. And we have this incredible opportunity, which is Indo-French team, in order to use intercultural intelligence and jugaad innovation to innovate and give more energy to companies.

Why Indian and French people together are the best innovation teams?

  • French people are known to complain. In fact, they are very good in identifying all difficulties, all defaults. They are educated to achieve perfection. And on another hand, but only at home, they use « system D », which is jugaad innovation.
  • Indian people are used to live in a jugaad innovation way. They are used to unplanned situations, to transform difficulties into opportunities, they know how to adapt themselves, are flexible.

And today, company need both this agility and this high level of performance. So Indo-French team are very complementary, and together it will lead to innovation and success.

In fact, each person is unique, has its own culture, depending on the living area, education, religion, people met, … And in the same time, we learn from each other, and we may become similar to the other.

How can we act to use this Indo-French intercultural intelligence?

Here are few ideas, how to succeed in this collaboration:

  • Dare to be yourself, respect yourself and your partner, discover your talents and your partner’s talents. Be intimate in order to build a trust environment. And this is possible in a short time, depending on your openness. Use your intuition and listen to your heart. Let’s try things, only learning through mistakes can lead to innovation and success. Moreover, it helps to have motivated, happy and creative people.
  • Show gratitude. Use the mantra ho’oponopono « I’m sorry, forgive me, I love you, thank you » silently inside yourself. Accept the point of view of the other, and give yours. Listen consciously without judgment. 
  • Listen to your emotions. The negative ones, as fear, anger and sadness, are good messages of unsatisfied solutions. Then understand and accept this situation, then you can transform it into opportunities. Constraints often lead to creativity.
  • Use NVC, Non Violent Communication: Remind the fact, then share your emotions, then your needs - linked to this emotion, then ask for a request or find together a solution.
  • Become conscious about limiting believes. A limiting belief is something you believe it is true - because of your education or environment - which limits your actions, then you do not dare to go out of your comfort zone. It may be the good moment to replace it into an helping belief. 
  • Follow an intercultural Indo-French conference, or seminar, or training, or coaching sessions.

Let’s dare to innovate and find new solutions with Indo-French intercultural intelligence

The only way is to practice. Let’s have Indo-French team in our projects and companies. Let’s help us each other, respect, discover the culture and talents of our team members or business partners. Go ahead. Let’s revitalize our organizations with Indo-French intercultural intelligence.