Rules and regulations for our public groups

  1. Any subject that is against the interest of IIF project, is not accepted or deleted.
  2. Data collection from this group is not allowed, except special cases. If you want to collect data, or do a survey for any reason, please propose your project first.
  3. Whenever you are discussing in any platform within IIF, please be courteous. Trolling is not appreciated, nor tolerated. Similarly people who are harsh and disrespectful and not tolerated in the group. This is one way how people lose their membership to IIF.
  4. Posts which can create a friction among community members, such as discussions on religion or politics or social issues, are not taken in - for such discussions, a new group has been created:
  5. Regarding sharing of cricket / film links, we only share official links. Links of websites that share pirated links, directly or indrectly, are not accepted.
  6. Given that India and France are our two nations: janma-bhumi and karma-bhumi, any post or reply which is against the interest of either of these two nations, are not approved or deleted without notice.
  7. Any post on accommodation, whether you are providing or asking for one, is to be first posted in and later the page you have created on the process, can be shared to our (or any other) group in Facebook (or elsewhere).
  8. Any post by tiffin service providers, or in case you are looking for someone who can provide tiffin service to you, to be first posted in and you can then share the page you have created.
  9. If you are an association, and want to promote your event through IIF, please first make sure that you are a part of our directory here: Events of associations not listed in IIF may be refused to be published, or approval delayed.
  10. If you are an youtube video maker, you will get an interface to promote your work through Stay tuned, it will be announced in our Facebook group soon.
  11. Work is going on to create a platform to people who are looking for a partner in life for marriage. It will be announced soon.
  12. There is a separate article with rules related to Corona. You may read them here.

Author : Sourav Choudhury

Sourav Choudhury is a social entrepreneur living in France since 2003 and working for the cause of Indian community of France, since 2007. He is founder of multiple projects: the largest social network of the Indian community of France, a French language school for english speaking expatriates, this website, and few other projects.