Paris strike of December

05 December- Paris Strike

Strikes are very common now. And when the French do strike they also protest, loudly.  The recent strike which started on 05 December by five RATP trade unions and the SNCF against Macron's new pension system entered into third week. 

What is it ?

French President Emmanuel Macron vowed in 2017, that he will change the french pension system. He wants to implement the single point-based system for all. The legal retirement age in France is 62, however with the new plan workers will need to work until 64 to get a full pension, according to French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe. In the past, workers can retire earlier than the legal age with a full pension. But now there would be a single system instead of 42 different systems of law, which according to Mr, Macron will make the system clearer and fairer to the modern labor market. Workers would have to reach a new define age i.e. 64 to receive a full pension. 

Why are French workers angry ? 

Labor unions trying to deny Macron's prosposal due to variuos reasons. Firslty, they are afraid of losing the advantages currently afforded to them by various retirement schemes. For example, Railway workers do not want to lose the chance to retire early. Some unions have vowed to strike through entire Christmas month and beyond if the changes have not been made. 

Impact of Strike 

French transport system is being hit hard due to this strike with most of the drivers on strike and 90% of regional trains cancelled. There is significant disruptions to rail, air, and local transportation services.Travellers can check the status of flights directly with the airline and for information on train, Paris metro, SNCF and bus disruptions please see the links below:- 

SNCF Trains:

Paris Metro and Buses:



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