Different work permits for students after studying in France

What work permit should one apply in France after their studies ?
This article addresses the details of different types of work permits commonly given to students who studied in France upon finding employment.
NOTE: One can also get these types of visas while having not studied here in France. But that won't be covered in this article.
Two important points to consider before going further.
1) One SHOULD complete their degree they came here to study for. Without this the work permit application will be rejected.
2) One CANNOT change their field of job from what they studied. Ex: John Doe came here to study MBA, john was a good chef at home so he decides to join a famous 5 star hotel in Paris as a chef, the work permit application of john will get rejected in this situation.
CDI - contrat de travail à durée indéterminée - an indefinite period contract.
This is the best case scenario for someone to get a job here.
One who gets this job usually gets a 1 year visa which is renewed to 4 year visa during renewal and so on. Or one directly gets a 4 year visa (this might different according to different prefectures and types of visa types).
Note the trial period involved in this category, if an employer decides to terminate the contract during the trial period (période d'essai ), the work permit is NO longer valid and one must redo the application process again with the new employer (after finding another job). After the trail period, the company usually will not fire their employees (conditions apply).
I will purposefully skip the required document list here as it would be exhausting and might change sometimes according to prefectures.
There are three main categories of visa for this situation. (increasing order of salary and benefits)
1) Salarié - One must have a minimum monthly gross salary of 2,281.82 € , for applying a work permit. Anything below this cannot qualify to full time work permit after studies. This visa also will be for 4 years upon first renewal.
2) Passport talent - salarié qualifié - Anyone having salary above yearly gross salary of 36,509.20 € or above will qualify for this category. Both 1) 2) and 3) categories get 4 year cards as mentioned above but the benefit of having this and 3) type is that the spouse or kids of these permit holders can apply for dependant visa from India directly and come to France with a work permit. Whereas in type 1) the permit holder must wait for 18 months and apply for OFII application for regroupment familial. If needed, a separate article will be written later to explain more differences pertaining spouse dependant visas and visitor visas for type 1) holders.
3) Passport talent - Emploi hautement qualifié (EU BLUE CARD) - Anyone having a salary scale above yearly gross salary of 53,836.50 € can apply for this, the benefits of this remain the same as passport talent but gives a EU wide work permit after 2 years in France.
Scientific visas are different and people on CDD with scientific contracts can have passport talent as well. This part will not be addressed in this article to avoid confusion.
CDD - contrat de travail à durée déterminée - an definite period contract.
Excluding scientific category, everybody else who get a CDD contract (after student status limits - 964hours/year) can get a Salarié Travailleur Temporaire visa which is not the best case for people who are willing to stay back longer in France and look for permanent jobs.
APS will not be given after a CDD work permit as mentioned above. So one can only stayback on pole emploi's unemployment benefits. One can work on a CDD however on a student visa or APS with respect to 964 hours per year limit