Consultation with Sourav Choudhury

Creator of the famous IIF project, Sourav Choudhury has helped hundreds of Indians directly since 2007, through phone calls, face to face meetings, Facebook messages, etc. The IIF project has touched lives of most, if not all, of the Indians who has come to France during the last decade, directly or indirectly.

To take this community service a step further, a direct consultation with Sourav Choudhury is now possible, against a consultation fees of 30 euros. This is for people who want a personal discussion and authentic reply to their questions. Free consultations will continue, in the Facebook group Indians in Paris / France where group members will reply to most questions you may have in their leisure time.

What is offered in this service?

Reply to your questions. Your problems will not be solved but you will get a clear vision on this, on the steps to go forward for this.

Will I get an immediate reply to my question?

It is possible that certain questions will get immediate replies, but given that every situation is unique, chances are that you will get a reply in 2 - 3 days / a week’s time. Your situation will be studied and contacts will be made with the relevant French bureaucracy to get an authentic reply which will be personalised for your case.

When and where can I come to meet Sourav Choudhury?

At Centre Zenith, the community centre of IIF. Please send an SMS or whatsapp message to him at to take an appointment for your consultation.

Will there be any annex services?

Yes, slowly annex services will be developed in order to give you a complete package to help you solve whatever situation you are in.

Help was provided free of cost for so many years. Why it is different now?

Helping takes time. One needs to take information by calling various administrative offices first before to give an update which is solid. When it comes to calling, it is rare that you get a reply after the first call. Often it demands calling multiple times to the same number, and then to more than one officers. 

If it is  free, how many free hours a day one can give someone to a community cause? By making it a paid service, more time can be invested for each case, and thus better services can be provided for the good of community. 

You will pay the consultation fee for the time, knowledge and personal investment that will be done to find answers to your questions.


Author : Sourav Choudhury

Sourav Choudhury is a social entrepreneur working for the cause of Indian community living in France, since 2003. He is founder of multiple projects: the largest social network of the Indian community of France, a French language school for english speaking expatriates, this website, and several other projects.