Applying for a French Student Visa (VLS-TS)

If you are reading this article and you are already accepted in a French School, Congratulations, you are one step closer from coming to France.

To study in France, you need to apply for a Student Visa (VLS-TS: Visa Long Séjour valant Titre de Séjour mention étudiant (student long-stay visa constituting a residency permit)). This visa gives you the right to live and study in France for 4 months to one year. After one year it can be extended for additional duration. You can read about the further steps in the article “The journey of your French Visas and Resident Permits”.

How to apply for VLS-TS?

  1. Submit an application form for French Student Visa (Official Application link).
  2. Prepare a complete file with the documents listed below.
  3. Application fees 99 Euros (equivalent in local currency).

What documents you need to apply?

  1. Application form dated and signed.
  2. Identity proof
  3. Photos (Accepted photo format)
  4. Travel document (Flight ticket)
  5. Purpose of travel/stay (A visa letter received from your school)
  6. Accommodation (minimum 3 months)
  7. Funds/Financial sustainability proof 

What will you receive from the VFS?

  1. Passport with a student visa of France. (This needs to be validated within 3 months after arriving in France with OFII process)
  2. Filled “OFII form”.


What you can & can’t do on this visa?

  • Can do:
    1. Travel freely in the countries listed in Schengen area.
    2. Work part-time to earn some financial resources (maximum 20 hours a week, not more than 964 hours in one year).
    3. Receive housing subsidy “CAF” based on the type of accommodation.
    4. Take advantage of VISALE (free rental deposit service for students).
    5. Extend your stay in France after the first year.
    6. Travel to India multiple times
  • Can’t do:
    1. Obtain a full-time work as a salaried employee for more than 6 months (964 hours maximum).


Next Step:

Once you have entered France, the Visa needs to be validated with the OFII stamp.

Author : Monesh Raut

Digital Advertiser by profession. Worked & lived in Paris for more than 2 years. Movie enthusiast, foodie, city explorer.