Another side of Paris- France

Staying in Paris has completely changed now. Earlier, it was safe to walk around the city. You can go to anywhere without any fear. But over the last few years, things have changed and I can say that- Paris is not as safe as it was before. It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist, student or Parisian everyone came across to the same problem of Robbery/theft.

It is been reported that robbery is on the rise especially in the Paris area and the outer suburbs. People have been robbed at gunpoint by thieves which are becoming more and more dangerous. A few days back I was reading one article where one of the Frenchmen said that “I have been living in France for 48 years and insecurity has never been at such a critical level for a few years. I would strongly advise people to absolutely avoid metro and RER past 22h, especially the north lines (13... etc..) which can be dangerous.” Not only this, In Fact, every day I have been going through so many blogs & articles on Facebook groups and Journals, it seems the country is running by illegal immigrants and the situation is getting worse now. The problem is not the Country but the types of people migrating to France without having valid proofs. I have been robbed but thankfully I got my phone back. I would suggest please keep your eyes open, while you are traveling in the metro or walking on the streets. If the train is packed/full wait for the next train. Carry things which are less important to you.

All I can say is beware of pickpockets. Leave your passports or cash at home, just carry your Debit/Credit card. Do not keep your wallets, bags & laptop bags behind your back. Keep all the things in front of you. If someone tries to distract you or wants to talk to you do not listen to them. Because once you started talking to them another person will come and pick your pocket.

In case something happens, keep the emergency numbers with you. Pay attention to your things.

European Emergency Number: 112
Police: 17
Ambulance: 15


Hello, I am Manisha Bhatia from Delhi. I am holding a degree in MSc in Global Business Management from Rennes School of Business. Currently, working as a Business Developer Intern with Centre Zenith.