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Hindi to French: Regular and notarised (traduction assermentée) translation services

  1. Hindi to French
  2. Bengali to French
  3. English to French
  4. French to English
  1. Your Hindi documents can be translated to French at a very reasonable rate, for 15 euros per page. The given price includes all taxes, but does not include the cost of the notary signature. In case you need a notarised translation, the price will be 30 euros per page, including all taxes. However, given that most translation jobs do not need this to be signed by a notary, be sure that you DO need a notary signed translation, to avoid paying the extra money.
  2. One French page means a A4 page, with a text size of 14 points and line height being 1.3. There will be a line space between paragraphs. It's around 350 to 400 words in the French page, making around less than 4 cents per word (for a non-notarised translation).
  3. If after translation the length of one French page gets lengthier than one Hindi page, you can choose between :
    • The Hindi document will be abridged to get the same page size as told in #2. This is the default choice, in case you do not specify a choice.
    • Continue without abridging, means more number of French pages. Please mention specially if you choose this option, and in that case you are liable to pay for the extra pages, once the translation work towards French in finished but before the delivery of the work.
  4. In case of any query, do not hesitate to send an email to
  5. If you are satisfied after reading so far, you can send your Hindi documents by registered post to :
    4, rue Germaine Dir
    92110, Clichy
  6. Don't forget to send your original Hindi copies, along with your cheque, payable to "KIGOOBE", and a photocopy / xerox of your identity card. Your Hindi documents will not be translated in case you forget to send the cheque.
  7. Depending on the size of your work, from Hindi to French, and our own work load, your document will need 2 or more days to be translated. You add a couple of days for the postal delivery.
  8. Your translated documents, from Hindi to French, along with your original Hindi copies will be sent to you by registered post. As of now, no delivery charge will be billed to you, however, this may change in the future.
  9. Checklist before sending your documents:
    • Minimum number of pages that we translate: Notarised: 30, Non-notarised: 10.
    • Your Hindi documents to get translated, all original copies.
    • A cheque of [(number of pages) x 15] euros for non-notary pages and [(number of pages) x 30] euros for notary signed pages, payable to KIGOOBE. It must be a cheque from a French bank, payable in France.
    • Special instructions, if any, in a seperate page, in English or in French.
    • A photocopy / xerox of your identity card (carte de résident, etc) as defined by the French government.
In case of any error in the translated pages, please get back within 30 days of delivery to get a free review.
The rates may change at any moment without any prior notice. Documents received within 3 days of changing rates can still avail the older rate.
If you are interested to work with us as a translator, please contact us with your details mentioning related experiences.