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Study to ascertain where do the Indian diaspora stands in France economically

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The beginning: Indians Vs. Americans

The concept

After having seen the above report on the Indian diaspora living in the US, this idea came to mind that we should do some study to ascertain the economic status of the Indian community living in France. This attempt is thus to understand where we Indians stand in France.

The statistics thus obtained will be published in this page (without any personal information) soon, once we have a got a certain minimum number of votes.

Thank you guys
Sourav Choudhury

PS: A more detailed report was published on June 2012 in the Daily News : Indian Americans top in income and education

How about the confidentiality of data?

The project is of statistical interest. Hence, no pesonal data will be published anywhere. Besides, I have been a professional web developer in France since 2006, and my databases over different projects store personal data of thousands of people - it's very safe and I have never had any problem whatsoever.

Not participating ?

In case you are visiting this page and not filling up the survey form, I will be glad if you drop me a line on this, reason why you are not participating, I want to adress concerns of as many people as possible - because to make this project successful, I need your help. It's a very important study on the Indian diaspora community of France, and we can do it by joining hands. Send me a mail at sourav[@] Thanks for your time.

Rules to follow

  • Please have only one submission per family
  • Please fill up all fields, your personal information will not be made public
  • Please don't submit twice. In case you want to change something, send a mail to sourav[@]
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