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*ISMAC* small tuition fees for a good program in Paris

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 07, 2014 5:29 pm    Post subject: *ISMAC* small tuition fees for a good program in Paris Reply with quote

Institut Supérieur de Management et Communication

Our goal is to train and develop outstanding global business leaders !

✿ Attention:

Big promotion for the first 30 students who register to our school for the spring semester!!!

Institut Supérieur de Management et Communication(ISMAC) is located between 5th and 13th districts in central Paris. There are several nearby universities and the cultural atmosphere is very rich. We welcome all international students to Paris, and we seek to provide programs which are comprehensive and practical. In addition, our programs are recognized by the French Ministry of Education and applicable to the business sector.

Our school is strongly committed to cooperating with high quality schools in France and abroad. Additionally, our teaching staff is professional and qualified to satisfy your learning needs.

ISMAC is approved by the ministry to provide courses from bachelor to master degrees. Furthermore, we offer French language, business English, and preparatory(for the Grandes Ecoles and art academies) courses.



18 rue de la Glacière
75013 Paris

Tel: 09 81 96 94 56

Our Advantages

☻ Low Tuition Fees for a Good Program

On the premise of ensuring a high quality teaching faculty, we take into consideration the practical needs of the students. We strive to provide efficient educational services in order to fully utilise funding in an optimal manner.

☻Guarantee of your student Visa

ISMAC has the required official ministry documentation to provide courses from bachelor to master degrees, as well as language and preparatory courses. All of our international students obtain their visa with our certificate of registration, and they can renew it every year until the end of their study terms.

☻Greater Educational Advancement Opportunities

As previously mentioned, our school is heavily devoted to cooperating with high quality schools in France and worldwide. Currently, we are in cooperation with France Business School(FBS), Group ESG, and Scandinavia Art and Business Institute(SABI University).

So, if our students need, we can help them apply to one of our partnered schools after the success of their first period in our school.

☻Geographical Advantage

ISMAC is located between the 5th and 13th districts in central Paris. Alongside the deep cultural atmosphere of the city, there are several universities in the area. The district is also very convenient as transportation is easily accessible with the consulate nearby.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Excellence And Innovation:

The BBA program covers broad materials pertaining to business theory and various professional courses. A few examples of these courses include E-commerce, Communication Advertising, Management of Digital Media, among several others. These courses aim to introduce and familiarise students to modern business concepts.

BBA 1:

● Introduction to Microeconomics ● Introduction to databases
●Introduction to Macroeconomics ● Principle of Marketing
●Introduction to Management ● French Culture and Civilization
●Computing Tools ●French Language
●Introduction to Law ● Introduction to the General Accounting

BBA 2:

●Control Management ●Communication in Business
●Operational Marketing ●Financial Analysis
●E-Commerce ●Applied Communication Strategy
●Thorough Accounting ●Geographical and Geopolitical
●Negotiation operational ●French Language
●Information Systems & Project Management ●Corporate Law

BBA 3:

●International Management ●Strategic Human Resources Management
●New Trends & New Marketing Tools ●French Language
●International Marketing
●Finance & Risk ●Internship ( 16 to 20 weeks)
●Communication Advertising ● Internship report
●Management of Digital Media

Tuition fees of BBA : 2200€ per year

MBA of International Marketing & Communication

The MBA International Marketing & Communication program seeks to provide a relevant and applicable curriculum to today's economic environment. In this program, knowledge relating to international marketing and communications will be intertwined. This will provide students with a firm understanding of several significant topics.

The courses and topics in this program include marketing, international trade, strategy, negotiation, and communication. The courses are practical and innovative. This program enables greater employment opportunities for students.

MBA 1:

●Digital Marketing & E-Business
●Communication PR/Media Agency
●International Advertising
●Digital Communication
●Communication of product & Brand Communications
●Intercultural Management
●B to B Marketing & Marketing NTIC
●Business Game
●Business English
●Foreign Language
● Internship (16 to 20 weeks)

MBA 2:

●Panels, Marketing research & studies
●Business Plan & entrepreneurship
●Internationalization Strategy
●Innovation & New Product Launch
●Mobil Marketing & Social Media
●E-Commerce & Digital Marketing
●Packaging & Design Strategies
●NTIC (New technologic instruments of communication)
●Brand Communication and Advertising
●Great Marketing Distribution
●Business English
●Foreign Language
●Internship ( minimum 24 weeks)

Tuition fees of BBA : 2400€ per year

Our French Language Courses

ISMAC has a objectives to propose an experience of learning the French language that would be as complete and humane as possible, for the best prices we can afford to offer.

Studying French language at ISMAC isn't only about learning French, it is about building a career and giving a sense to life. It is simply about learning more about oneself, by experiencing, through life in a foreign country, the culture shock of entering a new world, source of emotion, joy, regrets, but also accomplishment.

Intensive Course: Extensive Courses:

20 hours per week ( 4 hours per day) 10 hours per week (2 hours per day)

● 16 hours of standard course ● 8 hours of standard course
● 2 hours of workshop ● 1 hour of workshop
● 2 hours of French cultural lecture ● 1 hour of cultural lecture

Tuition fees of Intensive course : 300€ per month

Tuition fees of Extensive course : 170€ per month



18 rue de la Glacière
75013 Paris

Tel: 09 81 96 94 56

Notre école propose des formations de qualité aux étudiants venus à Paris bénéficier de son expertise. L’ISMAC s’ouvre toujours plus à l’international en accueillant désormais des étudiants du Monde entier dans ses différentes filières.
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