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Useful downloadable documents

Parul Roy, a visiting scientist from India has just sent me a few documents that she thought would be handy for people coming here. Earlier, Naresh Kumar Mani sent me another document, a general pre-departure list. So I thought to create a new section in this site with downloadable documents, as that would help people to find the same (all downloadable documents) in one place. I will try to add more documents here, and hope others will contribute as well.

  1. A sample application to the state home ministry, asking for attesting birth certificates. (PDF) Submitted by - Parul Roy
  2. Form 5, birth certificate. (PDF) Submitted by - Parul Roy
  3. Birth certificate. (PDF) Submitted by - Parul Roy
  4. A general predeparture list (Excel) Submitted by - Naresh Kumar Mani
  5. Euro parliament clarification on schengen visa (PDF) Submitted by - Sanjeev Jhatta
  6. France student guide (PDF) Submitted by - Santosh Chavan
  7. France India Agreement for avoidance of double taxation with France (PDF) Submitted by - Vivek Chamedia

Please note that user submitted documents are not verified by the site owner, and are uploaded in the site with an aim to help others and with a belief that authors of these documents have themselves verified the content before submitting. Thanks for your understanding.